When I decided to move from photography to painting the choice of initial subject was simple; my spiritual home of the Peak District moors and crags.   As my work develops it is gradually moving from the literal to the abstract but, hopefully, always imbued with the spirit of the landscape I grew up in.

"Despite being a professional image maker all his life Robert Twigg has come late to painting, but better late than never.   Robert brings his photographer’s eye to bear in his work but the pieces are far from photographic reproductions, exploring as he does, textures and layering-both physical and visual; in some of his crag pieces we are left feeling that we could actually climb them".

I work predominantly with oil paints and cold wax medium on cradled panels.  These panels allow me to carve the basic form into the wooden surface.  This carving frequently gets lost beneath layers of paint and wax but the shape is always there...like the landscape itself, unchanging...the light, colours and clouds being the only mutable elements.   Changing but changeless.